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International Artists Collective

Circus Terminal Worldwide is an ongoing international collaborative project of Insider and Outsider Artists that is travelling the world. The art is contained within a travelling suitcase, and participating artists in the country hosting the exhibition contribute to each show.


Circus Terminal Worldwide is led and curated by Chutima Kerdpitak (Nok), a London-based artist.

Whilst resident in London, Lynn became one of the founding members of the Circus Terminal collective, and has exhibited work in all the international locations:

                  - Amsterdam, Holland              - Luverny, France

                  - Barcelona, Spain                    - Philadelphia, USA

                  - London, England                    - Wellington, New Zealand

                  - Piran, Slovenia

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Circus Terminal Worldwide

Lynn's work is one of the few three dimensional pieces travelling in the suitcase. It is a flatpack item, which forms a box when assembled containing a mirrored sculpture of three hoodie youths, reflecting the issue of youth unemployment.

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